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Unlock the Secrets of A Chance To Encounter: An NFT World of Mystery, Intrigue, and Rewards


At ACTE, we're dedicated to crafting an enthralling lore, storyline, and characters that serve as the foundation of our growing ecosystem. Our top priority is fostering a tight-knit community of members who form strong connections, both online and offline, through participation in the story and interactive elements of the project.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility, interoperability, and dynamism, pushing the boundaries of what NFTs and Web 3.0 can achieve. Witness this innovation in our art, utility, benefits, and community-driven decision-making. Your voice matters in the growth and direction of the ACTE universe.

Meet our leadership

We’re a dynamic group of degens who are passionate about what we do.

  • ttactics

    Founder and Storyteller

    Founder and Storyteller. NFT addict. Left real world to enter the blockchain rabbit hole. Always forgets his umbrella.

  • d4n

    Blockchain Developer

    Blockchain dev. Degen. Web3 builder. Jpeg lover. Web2 CEO. Founded and consulted other NFT projects.

  • deejay

    Core Team

    Full Korean, half ape, from 852. Entrepreneur of streetwear brand. Obsessed with pleasing aesthetics.

  • timid_and_ange

    Story Illustrator

    Story illustrator. Likes ecology and history. One of the five artists.

Our Artists

The five amazingly talented Hong Kong artists who created the NFT pass artworks.

  • Gabriel Li

    Gabriel Li is a freelancing Hong Kong illustrator since 2019 who is fascinated by character designs, particularly with cute animals. His illustration style may be simple, but his drawings convey deeper meanings using characters’ movements, facial expressions, and playful colours. He has been a game artist for over 10 years prior.

  • Ruby Ip

    Meoww_draws is a brand created by Hong Kong based illustrator, Ruby Ip. The illustration style is simple and cute and often contains dreamy elements. The purpose of starting meoww_draws is to deliver warmth and happiness to people through drawings.

  • Ina Lee

    Ina Lee is an illustrator and content creator based in Hong Kong and London. Her art centres around mental health, women’s right and her Asian heritage. Using vivid colours in all her work, Ina aspires to deliver joy and comfort through her colourful lens, inspiring people to take care of their soul and strive for a better future.

  • AME

    AME is a Hong Kong based game artist mainly painting in Japanese style. Keen on adding local Hong Kong culture elements into her artworks. Also works in a Maid café during the daytime. She hopes her art can represent the different artistic and beautiful forms of Hong Kong.

  • Raw.a.ram

    Raw.a.ram is an artist from Hong Kong who creates illustrations by utilising unexpected, vivid colours on Japanese anime style characters in abnormal, sometimes dark situations. He occasionally offers drawing lessons. Sofa is good.

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